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About Us

This website is dedicated to spreading information about the effects and causes of, and ways to prevent global warming. Global warming is a serious issue that we must take action as soon as possible. That is our goal and we need to implement it now or else, everything will be chaotic within the next century.

Game-Over-C02 is a website created for the purpose of spreading the knowledge of global warming to everyone, informing them about its current state and enforcing them to participate to the elimination or minimization of the causes of Global Warming.

As an action to help in the prevention of, and understanding the effects of global warming, Game-Over-C02 was created. We are a team of individuals dedicated in saving our Mother Earth, our shelter from the vast expanses of the universe, a unique home that was given to us, our paradise. It would be a great action if we can prevent it.

If you are someone who’s looking about the effects of the disastrous phenomena, then you are on the right place. You can see the latest news, events and development as it happens. It will also allow you to understand and see global warming as a threat for the extinction of humankind, or perhaps, all living beings.

Taking action to this particular event requires collaboration and effort and we ask you to help us. Spread the word and learn in order to prevent catastrophic events from happening.

We hope you to enjoy reading and learn from our posts. May this become a fuel to let you partake in our fight against global warming.