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Causes of Global Warming

Posted on January 8, 2015 in Uncategorized by

We know that global warming is an event where gases, mainly composed of carbon dioxides, traps the heat that was supposed to escape Earth’s atmosphere towards the space. We all know that we use fossil fuels that emit carbon, add to it the destruction of forests to create plantations and pastures, carbon continuously accumulates, increasing the greenhouse effect, which is the primary cause of global warming.

Scientists have spent decades finding out the causes of global warming, they found that natural events and cycles has an effect to this. However, the staggering amount of carbon dioxide emission produced by humans, yes, that’s us, is the main reason of the climactic global warming effect that we can feel right now and it could have a cataclysmic impact not only to us, but the Earth itself.

The Sun Could Be the Cause

Is it really the sun? There’s a valid point on this one because after all, the Sun is the most powerful emitter of heat in our solar system. But scientists measured and found out that there’s very slight difference to the massive energy output that the sun produces, so little that it’s really insignificant. Upon further and more research, only human works are found to be the main cause.

Fossil Fuel Burning

This is one of the major causes of global warming all around the world. Every day, billions of vehicles use fossil fuels, which greatly contributes to the global warming. It’s also used to generate electricity in most parts of the world. When oil, gas and/or coal burns, the result is their carbon content gets mixed in the oxygen present in the air creating carbon dioxide. And with the continuous 24/7 nonstop emission of this all around the world, our situation only worsens.


When we cut plants and trees, we reduce the carbon dioxide absorbers. Let us not forget elementary science that plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen in return to balance the atmosphere and make it better suited for living organisms. We all know that this process is called photosynthesis. In addition to reducing carbon dioxide absorbers, the stored carbons in them are converted back to carbon dioxide when they’re burnt or removed.

Waste Breakdown

Many parts of the world don’t have proper disposal of wastes. This includes chemical organic and consumer wastes, which could be deadly not only for our atmosphere but also to the environment and wildlife. When garbage like paper, food and vegetables decay in landfills, carbon dioxide and methane are produced. This also happens in sewers.

Industrial Causes

Most industrial processes induce a variety of greenhouse gases, which further contributes to the greenhouse effects that’s causing global warming. Also, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are synthetic compounds that are largely used in a number of applications, damage the ozone layer aside from being part of the greenhouse gas family.