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Effects of Global Warming

Posted on January 8, 2015 in Uncategorized by

Global warming is a serious phenomenon that could bring cataclysmic effects to the Earth’s climate, no, not in the form of scorching heat but in the form of climate change. It’s the cumulative effect of greenhouse gases, which are composed of carbon dioxide and methane. Basically, they trap heat inside Earth’s atmosphere, which normally goes out into the space. This results to, obviously, warmer temperature on Earth’s surface.

As I have said earlier, global warming isn’t all about the increase in Earth’s temperature. It’s all about climate change, the changes that happens not only in temperature but also in the environment, atmosphere and climate as a whole. But what are they specifically? Let’s take a look.

Weather Patterns

Weather patterns are greatly affected by global warming. Higher temperatures can increase drought and forest fires leading to the devastation of flora and fauna. It could also induce more category 4 and 5 hurricanes, which could wipe anything on their wake.

Health Issues

Because the weather is heavily affected, climate became very unstable, causing chaotic disruption in weather systems all over the world. Deadly heat waves caused massive deaths in Europe particularly the 2003 European heat wave that killed 70,000 individuals. In addition to that, warmer weather allows deadly mosquitoes to travel easily in great distances bringing harmful diseases to us. Plus, the increased carbon dioxide in the air aggravates asthma as well as allergies. And because global warming affects weather, disastrous typhoons and could affect sanitation, kill people and more

Wildlife Shall Shatter

Because wild fires will become a prominent event in Global warming, expect that many wild animals will be affected. Many creatures will lose home and others will get extinct. Rising temperatures will ravage coral reefs, which is the primary shelter of most fish. Without coral reefs, many kinds of fish will vanish on a certain spot, disrupting the ecosystem. This great effect on the state of ecosystem will push many species to get extinct, especially those who won’t be able to adapt to the climate change. It’s predicted that more than a million species could get exterminated if the pattern of global warming continues until 2050.

Melting of Glaciers and the Sea Levels

Within the past century, studies have revealed that polar ice caps have been declining in size. And this contributes to the rise of sea levels. There’s also a study that revealed where there will be no ice on the arctic summers on 2040 and sea levels will rise up to 23 inches by 2100 if current global warming trend continues. This could have a disastrous result on coastal wetlands, barrier islands and places lower than sea level. Some islands could even be obliterated from the map if this continues.

There are still hundreds of effects that Global warming could have to us. These are just some of the biggest and most disastrous effects that we are facing and could face if we don’t make a move to stop this disastrous trend.